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Colored Acrylic Ombre Nails 

Coffin Shape/Ballerina Shape 

 Swarvoski Diamonds

Bright Pastel & Neon Colors are IN

Hologram Chrome 

Fun Facts

-SNS Dipping Powder is acrylic . It does not require liquid monomer and is applied through the dipping method and is a healthier alternative. It is a fine "diet" form of acrylic. Yes it is healthier for your nails and some contains Vitamins.

-There is a difference between Ballerina Shape and Coffin Shape.  They are similar however; Coffin shape is more wide, ballerina is more narrowed.

-Cat nails come in different shapes. Stiletto, mountain peak, almond shape, etc.


-Nail Salons are not certified to cut your in grown! You must go to a specialist to treat it, otherwise it can get worse through time.


-MMA (methyl methacrylate) is illegal in the state of Colorado. It can be harmful to your health and causes more damage to your natural nails. To indicate if the salon is  using this chemical, try soaking your nails in Acetone for 20 minutes, the product should come off softly and jelly like. If the product is consisted of MMA, it would appear messy, gooey, gummy, and it generally takes 45 mins- 1 hour to soak off.    

Exciting News!

*NEW Swarvoski Diamonds available 

*NEW Cat Eye Gel are available 

*NEW Mood changing polish available 

*NEW Kiara Sky Jelly Polish available 

*NEW color powder acrylic available

*NEW Quick Opi Spray is available 

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For more creative work:

We are here to save the day! Enhance your beauty by adding glitter, glam, and a dash of color to spice things up! Beauty Blends is here to give you the flawless nails that you deserve. We provide organic lotions, oils, and cuticle softener.  All products are MMA (methyl methacrylate) Free.